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Nobody noticed...

  Now that I've committed to posting a new short story each month for my Tales and Wanders patrons, I need to write a page or so of short story each day in addition to working on two novel manuscripts. That insures that I manage a little fun writing every day along with all the supposedly serious stuff. Today, I've been writing a little tale about a preacher who turns into a frog just as he is about to begin his homily on Sunday morning. Tentative title, Nobody Noticed.   If you would like Drovers Gap blog delivered directly to your email inbox, subscribe here . You can also sign up on my Tales and Wanders Patreon page to receive a new short story every month, not available anywhere else. New patrons who join before January 1st will also receive a signed copy of my new novel, Among the Fallen , when it comes out in February.  

Two-world view...

Authors live in two worlds, the world they write in (along with everything else they do) and the world they write. Neither world is entirely real nor totally fantasy. In either world, authors are as real as their characters or their readers perceive them to be.

My written world is as familiar to me as my writing world. I do admit that when I am engrossed in a project, I may become confused as to which world I am inhabiting. The village of Drovers Gap, the setting for several of my novels and short stories, resembles Saluda, North Carolina where I read and write and go to church, pay taxes, walk in the woods, garden and make love to my wife. If you can find your way around Drovers Gap, you won't get lost in Saluda.

My fictional characters do similar things in their world-between-the-pages. Sometimes they seem uncomfortably familiar. Some nights I wake out of a dream into the dark and wonder for a moment if they have made me up, if I'm just a figment of their dreaming, some device by which they attempt to explain away disaster and misfortune and justify unmerited and unsought joy.

If you would like Drovers Gap blog delivered directly to your email inbox, subscribe here.