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The more things change...

Change is not so much what we make as it is what happens to us unawares. Not everything that changes is progress but it is inevitable that everything changes. The seasons flow on, all too quickly. We tighten our life-vests, and try to steer clear of the rocks. Along our way down the river, we are grateful for every resting place. Here's ours. Above, as it was in our first August here in 2016, and below, as it is now. We still miss the old cherry tree in the foreground of the first photo. It died the year after we moved here. We've carved a garden out of the hill and planted blueberries on the slope above. One thing hasn't changed. We're still here. It's still home. We'll hold to that reality as long as we can.


My current work-in-progress is about ready to submit to Publisher. She has been warned. As it stands now, Among the Fallen weighs in at a bit more than 95,000 words, and has fifty-five named characters. Charlie D. would be proud of me.

The first character we meet, in the first word of the first line on the first page, is Wendl VonTrier. Brother Wendl is an other-than-human monk at Trier Abbey on an undisclosed world. Wendl is a pĂșca, a shapshifter and a trickster, albeit a mostly benevolent one. 

He has several unique and useful talents, which probably is the reason Wendl's Superior, who doesn't entirely trust him, likes to send him on perilous errands to inconvenient places. That is how he winds up in Drovers Gap, and that is why there is a story.

Although Among the Fallen isn't likely to be on bookstore shelves for a couple of years yet, you can read about Wendl VonTrier in my latest novel released by Creative James Media, The Winged Child. Millicent couldn't have done it without him.


  1. I am absolutely delighted that Wendl is ready to "fly" to Creative James Media and to the lucky readers who get to mull it over before it hits the shelves!!


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