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Among the Fallen - progress report...

Eight chapters in on the initial edit of Among the Fallen. Finally screwed up my courage to cut two pages of delightful stuff that was way fun to write but failed to push the story in any direction at all. With five chapters to go, I've shed a couple of aimless characters and pruned the manuscript to under a hundred thousand words (barely). It's beginning to look like a novel somebody might find time to read. It is the most dark and bloody book I've written, and also the most playful. If I don't die meantime, I should have something to go out to beta readers by summer. The first draft came hard but I'm actually enjoying the editing.  

Some people...

Oh, there are some people in this country who are against any change that might make our society more generous and inclusive. Their opposition is not thought out, it is a mindless reflex.

Such folk live burdened with a notion of scarcity. They believe there is not enough goodness in the world to go around, that if everybody else had enough, they might need do without. 

So they instinctively fear any progressive movement. They think if the world became different from the way they've always known, it might put a dent in their pale privilege.