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Among the Fallen - progress report...

Eight chapters in on the initial edit of Among the Fallen. Finally screwed up my courage to cut two pages of delightful stuff that was way fun to write but failed to push the story in any direction at all. With five chapters to go, I've shed a couple of aimless characters and pruned the manuscript to under a hundred thousand words (barely). It's beginning to look like a novel somebody might find time to read. It is the most dark and bloody book I've written, and also the most playful. If I don't die meantime, I should have something to go out to beta readers by summer. The first draft came hard but I'm actually enjoying the editing.  


The book of Genesis in the Bible says that God planted a garden in Eden, then made humans and put them in the garden to tend and care for it and make it fruitful. The message there is that the garden was here before us. We were put here to serve the garden. If we are good servants and nurture God's garden, it will sustain us and we will be at home there.

But we can't tend the garden until we know it. Before we can be weeders and sowers and harvesters, we must learn to see what is there and where it is all going. Our task as God's gardeners is not to shape the garden according to our plans and desires, but to find out how we can fit in, how we can shape our lives and our needs so as to be an integral and sustaining member of all the lives in the garden.

We humans are placed on this earth not to be way makers but wayseekers. We are not given our powers of intellect and invention in order to force our will upon Nature, but to enable and enhance what Nature was already doing before we came. The first incarnation was the Earth itself. The natural world is God's body. We wake every morning, wherever we are, on holy ground.


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