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The more things change...

Change is not so much what we make as it is what happens to us unawares. Not everything that changes is progress but it is inevitable that everything changes. The seasons flow on, all too quickly. We tighten our life-vests, and try to steer clear of the rocks. Along our way down the river, we are grateful for every resting place. Here's ours. Above, as it was in our first August here in 2016, and below, as it is now. We still miss the old cherry tree in the foreground of the first photo. It died the year after we moved here. We've carved a garden out of the hill and planted blueberries on the slope above. One thing hasn't changed. We're still here. It's still home. We'll hold to that reality as long as we can.

What I'm reading on my phone - The Arbornaut...

Meg Lowman's life is a story engrossing as any novel. In her book, The Arbornaut, she tells her own story and the saga of what she calls the Eighth Continent, the world most of us never see, in the top canopy of the world's big trees.

Without the big trees, Meg says, we wouldn't be here. The human story is woven inextricably into the story of Earth's forests.

Henry's books.

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