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I really did want to write a light-hearted tale in case this one turns out to be my last novel (assuming it yet becomes a novel), but it's headed currently toward the shadows. I thought I knew Wendl Von Trier pretty well, having trekked with him through my previous book, The Winged Child .   There, Wendl presents as an elusive solitary, moving above all worldly fray while at the same time nudging events and characters toward a satisfactory conclusion. Sharp and intimidating on the outside and tender and motherly on the inside. A friend to the world, something of a trickster, but in all things working for good outcomes.  That is how I saw Wendl VonTrier. A  púka, mischievous, but essentially harmless, even benevolent, capable of presenting in whatever form or gender the moment required. Wendl seemed the ideal candidate to carry readers off into the literary sunset in good spirits after an exhilarating romp through a fantastical fiction. But all along, it seems, there were depths to


Almost every day, I read another article about the negative impact of overly human presence in our National Parks and wilderness areas. The most prevalent destructive invasive species in the Smokies nowadays is people.

To attempt maintaining a few islands of pristine wildness on a paved and plasticized planet is not a sustainable approach to conserving our natural environment. There are just too many of us. We need to re-wild the whole landscape, re-green our towns and cities as well as our countryside. Replace concrete and frankengrass with trees and native plants. Design urban spaces where there are more trees than buildings, where the trees are the tallest structures in sight.

We can do such things, if we are willing. Nature over time will do it for us if we are slow to catch on. We can learn to walk lightly on the earth and assume our proper role in creation, to tend and care for the garden, or Nature will do for us what she has done for numerous other species who outlived their usefullness to creation.

Covid 19 is the least of the plagues and afflictions that will befall our kind if we continue to allow our appetites for consumption and exploitation to run rampant. Earth was not made for us. We were made for the earth. To enjoy is not to destroy.

The Westminster Shorter Catechism says that humanity's chief end is to glorify God and enjoy God forever. If you believe that, you believe that what we enjoy (find joy in) we glorify. We cannot glorify God and trash the world God makes.

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