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Operative theory...

There is an economic theory operative in corporate boardrooms, I'm convinced, that propounds the populace might spend our way out of this Covid pandemic, or, at the very least, that business should exploit it as a unique opportunity to maximize profits. Every day, I receive multiple emails urging me to buy before I die. Invariably, these exhortations include images of all the stuff marketing experts, assisted by their AI, have calculated that I am just dying (no pun intended) to max out my plastic in order to possess. I resist all such entreaties as best I can, on the off-chance I might survive long enough to have to pay it all back with exorbitant interest.   Henry's books . If you would like to deliver Drovers Gap blog directly to your email inbox, click here .

What will be...

This is the site of our future entrance garden. Originally, a six-foot high retaining wall of dry stacked stone stood about three feet from the wall of the house. The wall was threatening to collapse onto the building.

The stones were taken down to build steps and walls in the herb garden glimpsed beyond. All the dirt taken out of the hillside was dug by hand and hauled away one wheelbarrow load at a time.

The steep bank running toward the right of the picture will be groomed for greenwall plantings. Berry bushes and raised vegetable beds already occupy the hill above. The newly excavated courtyard space in the foreground is still pretty much a blank slate. I know as much about what will happen there as I do about the next book I'll write. Below is a link to the ones I've already written.

Henry's books.