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Writing Wendl - attrition...

Status report on the current novel project, Wendl the Fallen : At around 60,000 words, I've killed off a couple of characters, which is usually an early sign that the story is finding me. The target is a rough draft of about 100,000 words in twelve chapters, which will trim down in re-write and editing to something like 70,000 words in ten chapters. I've never written a novel this dark before - or this funny. To be honest, I'm not at all sure I'll ever be able to finish it. Meanwhile, The Winged Child will be out in February. That is my best one so far.   Henry's books . If you would like to deliver Drovers Gap blog directly to your email inbox, click here .  

What we're reading at our house...

Stefano Mancuso teaches at the University of Florence. He is one of the world's leading neurobotanists. In this marvelous and accessible book, he reminds us that humans are late-comers on the Earth scene, as reckless and destructive in their interactions with the rest of nature as toddlers who have somehow come into possession of a loaded firearm.

Plants, on the other hand, were here long before us, and have worked out rules for living in mutually sustaining community. Our species desperately needs to learn and follow the plant nation's rules for living. Unguided, we are turning the planet into a dangerous and hostile place for our survival.

Henry's books.