Two worlds...

We live in two worlds. One world is home to makers. The other is occupied by users. Between those two worlds is a great gulf none can cross except by mercy and miracle.

Those souls who live a life of making create abundance. Whatever they put hand and mind to becomes more than it was. Users generate scarcity. What they have used up is no longer there to bless their ends.

Using ends in chaos and debris. Making brings about a new order of things, deeper and richer than existed before.

In a society where most people are users, consumers, it takes uncommon courage and depth of vision to be a maker, creator. God is ever the Maker. We know God through participating in the creative processes of the universe. We experience Presence in making.

Be a maker then. Make love, beauty, make peace or freedom, make a home, make a garden, Make a poem, a story, make something, anything that is real, that is true, that sustains and nourishes everliving souls.

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