Three more...

Only three more weeks of winter now and I can see spring from here. Most of my gardening over the past season has been confined to this space. You can see the little tsubo niwa (pocket garden) on the left, tucked into the corner between the kitchen and the writer's lair. The herb bed, at upper center, has already been spread with compost from last summer's kitchen and garden scraps. We'll work that into the soil as soon as the ground dries a bit from recent rains. That's the asparagus bed on the right, waiting to be composted. In another month, we'll be seeing some green in there.

On the hill above (where I was standing when I took this photo) are a couple dozen blueberry plants. Over the spring, we'll be planting veggie beds between the bushes. Pictures to follow.

And, yes, I still make time to write.

Henry's books.


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