Seasonal routines...

The last week of winter has been unseasonably warm, so our daily domestic routines have already shifted into spring/summer mode. Mornings are for the garden. I write in the afternoons. 

We don't have a television, so in the evenings we read, usually aloud to one another. Occasionally we might stream something on-line for entertainment, but mostly, we read. If I'm still wakeful at the end of my day, I'll write for an hour or so before turning in.

I'm writing and reading mostly short stories these days. I have a couple of unfinished novels lying around, but they don't exude much appeal since I've already figured out how they will end. So, I'll keep chasing the little stories for now. Maybe one of them will turn into the Big Surprise. 

The Main Muse leads a more public life than I do, being as she is more useful to people than I am. She is the reason we still have a few friends. She keeps me in the world. If I had no readers at all, I would still write tales for her.

Henry's books.


  1. "If I had no readers at all, I would still write tales for her." This is one of the most romantic and delightful compliments to a beloved spouse as I've ever heard Henry. You just made my day!


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