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Operative theory...

There is an economic theory operative in corporate boardrooms, I'm convinced, that propounds the populace might spend our way out of this Covid pandemic, or, at the very least, that business should exploit it as a unique opportunity to maximize profits. Every day, I receive multiple emails urging me to buy before I die. Invariably, these exhortations include images of all the stuff marketing experts, assisted by their AI, have calculated that I am just dying (no pun intended) to max out my plastic in order to possess. I resist all such entreaties as best I can, on the off-chance I might survive long enough to have to pay it all back with exorbitant interest.   Henry's books . If you would like to deliver Drovers Gap blog directly to your email inbox, click here .

Just my problem...

Dare I say it? I have a problem with displaying national flags in church. I love my country. I vote. I pay taxes, I've served in the military. I think I am a loyal and responsible citizen.

I love God, too. I worship God. I don't worship my country. I cherish its ideal of personal liberty. But this country I live in, like every empire, has also practiced genocide, enslavement, exploitation, oppression, and our national government has more often been guided by greed than by Grace.

I pray every day for Joseph our president, Roy our governor, and Fred our mayor, whether I'm in church or not. My first and abiding allegiance is to Christ.

Over the years, I've worshiped in four traditions, and except for one (Quaker), there has always been a flag in the building. It's just my problem, I know. One wrong note needn't spoil the song.

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    1. Meadow, my response might not hold up in orthodox circles, but in my experience, Christ is whoever and wherever the Love that holds the worlds together is embodied in lives, human and other than human. Right now, for me, Christ is you, calling for my "Yes."


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