Been Awhile...

It has been awhile since I've sat in the pew at Church of the Transfiguration, although I climb the hill up past it on my daily walks. Most Sundays, I listen to Chip, our priest, preach on-line. He's there, even when we aren't, and he gets the word out to us wherever we might be hiding. Whether we listen or not, the Word is in the air between us, plain to hear, if we have ears and hearts for hearing.

It isn't easy being Chip, speaking to us face to face even while we aren't. I don't envy him the fix he's in. It's hard to shepherd sheep when they've all left the building. Yet, somehow, what's between God and Chip gets around to us, too, catches us unawares and in ways unexpected and unimagined, claims us for Life. Even if our computer is off, the Word gets said, and the world is moved, whether we notice it or not.


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