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Writing Wendl...

I really did want to write a light-hearted tale in case this one turns out to be my last novel (assuming it yet becomes a novel), but it's headed currently toward the shadows. I thought I knew Wendl Von Trier pretty well, having trekked with him through my previous book, The Winged Child .   There, Wendl presents as an elusive solitary, moving above all worldly fray while at the same time nudging events and characters toward a satisfactory conclusion. Sharp and intimidating on the outside and tender and motherly on the inside. A friend to the world, something of a trickster, but in all things working for good outcomes.  That is how I saw Wendl VonTrier. A  púka, mischievous, but essentially harmless, even benevolent, capable of presenting in whatever form or gender the moment required. Wendl seemed the ideal candidate to carry readers off into the literary sunset in good spirits after an exhilarating romp through a fantastical fiction. But all along, it seems, there were depths to

There might be...

There might be a better way to begin a new year than by starting a new garden, but on short notice, I can't think of what it might be. This one is small, as gardens go, dug into the side of a hill. The entire garden is about five hundred square feet, bounded on two sides by our house, and on the other two by a dry-stacked stone wall laid up from stone all found on the site.

Except for the little spruce, and the scraggly remnants of a gaggle of hydrangeas, there isn't much to see right now but rocks and dirt. The rocks are pretty well set in their assigned places at this point, but there will be more resident green by spring. The hydrangeas will be encouraged where they are. They are getting pruned back this week. 

Groundcover will likely be something green and growing as opposed to pebbles or sand. Edibles will be neighbored with ornamental plants. The fractured concrete slab in the foreground of the picture above was the extent of the original courtyard we found when we moved here. The plan is to cover that area with pavers or a low deck to provide a nook for sitting/meditating/working.

Over two years, I dug and hauled away by hand enough of the encroaching hill to make a level place for the present garden. A stone retaining wall, verging on collapse, left a passage less than three feet wide from the garage to our back door. This photo, made shortly after we moved in, illustrates the problem.
I dismantled the old wall and restacked it in its present location.
So, the new year stretches ahead and all my tools are ready at hand. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a good pair of shoes. I'll let you know how this one goes.



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