Life is...

Life is irrepressible, and the smaller it's form, the more tenaciously it holds onto being. The recent snowfall had only hours before begun to retreat from our little tsubo niwa when the Ceratodon purpureus at the foot of a little Abies grandis began to green up and thrust their brilliant red sporophytes toward the sun. Only a couple of centimeters in that direction was the best they could manage, but that's high enough to fling the spores where they need to go.

Don't be too impressed with my Latin labeling here. Fire Moss is the only moss whose Latin name I know. I promise to learn more. We have two wee trees in the garden, a blue spruce (Picea pungens) and the Grand Fir (Abies grandis) whose trunk you can glimpse in the picture. Those two are the only conifers I know by their proper botanical names, which makes me unduly eager to hide my ignorance behind them.

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