Dark sight...

Ironic, is it not, that 2020 turned out to be such a dark year, a suffocating cloud of suffering and deep despair for so many? We all developed a closer acquaintance with loss and aloneness, even those lucky enough to be touched lightly by the pervading chaos. People turned out to be not who we thought they were. Institutions we supposed to be solid and sustaining were revealed to be hollow and ephemeral. Few things remained as they had seemed to us to be.

Now, 2021 has burst upon us with a sudden and astounding clarity. Evil took off his mask and we saw greed and exploitation and oppression and violent rage face to face. Truth was subject to denial and ridicule. Facts were altered and invented to suit the fantasies of prevailing powers, For all that, though, the light shines in through the cracks and nobody is fooled except those who want to be.

We know who we are now, as a country, as individuals. We can finally see starkly the wrongs we have committed and allowed and harbored. Not a week of it gone, and 2021 is shaping up to be a year of repentance and resolution. There is no effective vaccine against reality.


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