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Writing Wendl...

I really did want to write a light-hearted tale in case this one turns out to be my last novel (assuming it yet becomes a novel), but it's headed currently toward the shadows. I thought I knew Wendl Von Trier pretty well, having trekked with him through my previous book, The Winged Child .   There, Wendl presents as an elusive solitary, moving above all worldly fray while at the same time nudging events and characters toward a satisfactory conclusion. Sharp and intimidating on the outside and tender and motherly on the inside. A friend to the world, something of a trickster, but in all things working for good outcomes.  That is how I saw Wendl VonTrier. A  púka, mischievous, but essentially harmless, even benevolent, capable of presenting in whatever form or gender the moment required. Wendl seemed the ideal candidate to carry readers off into the literary sunset in good spirits after an exhilarating romp through a fantastical fiction. But all along, it seems, there were depths to


 I've been telling all my friends that The Winged Child, is my last novel, that when I turn eighty this spring, I'll retire from fiction and become a poet. When I look around, though, I see all these old tale-spinners still plugging away at it.

James Lee Burke, at eighty-four, gives us one more Dave Robicheaux saga in A Private Cathedral, and manages to expand his horizons doing it. John le Carré unloads Agent Running in the Field at eighty-eight years.

Maybe it's time I got digging after a new book. I might be too young yet to rhyme.


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  2. Sorry, I deleted my comment due to sloppy grammar! Here it is again:
    I used to read all of James Lee Burke's books, but haven't read the last several. I'm looking forward now to the latest. I read Agent Running in the Field just a few weeks ago and found it to be among John le Carré 's very best. Rave on, Henry, I want to read the published versions of Winged Child and Among the Fallen!


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