With no expectation, only
Curiosity drove me to it
Because the name intrigued,
Why Owl? I wondered,
And because, it said, they
Publish my sort of tale,
And wanted only the first
Thirty pages. I had that
Much ready. If we like,
six to eight weeks, we’ll
let you know. It only
took three days until
Enjoyed your excerpt,
Full manuscript please.
Begged a week to edit
And my Winged Child
did fly away to yonder
On the world wild web.
We shall see. We shall.


  1. I can feel it in these old bones, Henry..they are going to love it. If they don't, you can send me a loaf of moldy old bread. After The Winged Child flies, I look forward eagerly to wise poetry by Henry Mitchell. Sending light to accompany your manuscript as she flies.

    1. Thanks, Sharon. I'll take all the light I can get.


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