One good thing..

One good thing COVID-19 may do for us is to restore us to a proper sense of scale. With our technology we have created the illusion that humans are the measure of the world. An airline ticket could get me from Saluda to Sydney in a day's time. I wouldn't have traveled there. Not really. I would have jumped from a small town in Appalachia into a big city in Australia. All my experience in-between would be inside the cabin of a jumbo jet. Small world, indeed. My grandparents would have needed more time to go to Charleston.

The world, of course, is bigger than that. All those blurred miles forty thousand feet below, team with millions of human souls, each with their own life and story. Nobody is more ignorant of Earth and her people than the frequent flyer, who develops an acquaintance with a string of places but knows none of them deeply. Maybe for a little while, we will have more time and taste for walking through landscape rather than leaping over it, and discover where we truly are.

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