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Excerpt: The Winged Child, Chapter 13-

     When Millicent woke, she couldn’t say if she’d slept for seconds or centuries, but the sky was blue and right and the light that fell upon her was emitted by the same sun that had warmed all her days, or if not the same, so like it that she couldn’t discern a difference. The tracks she had followed the day before had been swept clean, but she saw her own tracks were clearly visible behind. Far off, at the limits of her vision, a tiny figure moved in her direction, apparently tracing the path she’d taken the day before. She sat and watched as the figure gradually closed the gap between them. As the walker came nearer, Millicent realized it was a woman and when they were near enough to speak, the woman threw back the hood of her coat and Millicent looked into her own face. She smiled at herself and reached out her hand. Millicent took it and she and the world she was in burst into a million tiny sparks.
      Nothing. No light and no dark. No time. No movement. No sound. No thought. No will. Awareness, yes. And a voice. A man’s voice calling her name, and the sun in her eyes blinding her and unforgiving stone at her back and a shadow between her and the sun and the shadow speaking her name again.
      “Millicent?” said the worried face, “Millicent, do you know me?”
      “Of course, I do, Orphan,” she said, her voice sounding oddly weak. She felt whole enough, although weirdly disoriented, as if awakened too suddenly by a loud noise.
      She reached up and touched the speaker's mouth, unable to control the tremor in her fingers. She dropped her heavy hands and felt her own face. The two of them, at least, were real.
      Millicent wanted to say something else to Orphan but she couldn’t remember what she had done with the words. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and felt the world lock into place.
      “What happened?” she said when she opened her eyes again.

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