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No, I did not intend to write a dystopian fantasy novel when I started this, but Millicent grew up along the way.

Excerpt from The Winged Child, chapter eleven:

     Real negotiations began the next morning over breakfast. Between sips of his chickory,
Lieutenant Sherman Tecumseh said, "We have real coffee in the Holding." 
   “Did you come all this way just to improve our breakfast?” asked Millicent, maintaining
her serious face.
    “We have solar panels, electric vehicles, communications technology, too,” said Cultural Liaison, Amanda Crow.
    “Do we appear to be suffering without them?” Millicent asked.
     “How about medicine, scientific inquiry, education?” Tecumseh said.
     Millicent lifted her palms, “And what do we have that would benefit you who appear to have all already?”
     “Location,” said the Lieutenant. “The Tennessee Holding would like you to grant us free passage along the Long Broad into Carolina.”
    “We’ve never hindered anyone’s free passage along the river,” said Sergeant. “Carolina is Republican territory, though. We don’t want to be no-man’s land in the middle of a war.”
    "The Atlantic Republic has abandoned everything south of Richmond Enclave, as you probably know, Crow countered, "There's no civil authority left in Carolina. People are suffering there."
    "And you intend to lift them from their misery? That's admirable," Millicent said, "So how do you figure Shaconage can help facilitate this mission of mercy?"

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