Little House...

Little House at Hemlocks. That's what the sign out front said when we bought the place, and though most of the old hemlocks have died, several are yet hanging on, so the sign still stands. The house itself was built in 1893 as a summer home for the Reeves and McIver clans. We get to live here year-round, and are enormously grateful to all the owners before us who kept it upright until we could arrive.

Over succeeding generations, the old house has endured numerous additions and subtractions, the motives for which are mostly a mystery now, but the core structure is pretty much as was first built. We still enjoy some of the original flooring, doors and windows. One of our favorite features is the unique triple-hearth fireplace (in this picture, the third hearth is facing away into the living room). Converted to gas now, it is the principal heat-source for our home, with a heat pump serving as back-up.

We've never lived in a new house. We hope we never will.

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