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Excerpt from The Winged Child, chapter eight:

The storm besieged and assaulted them in a drowning fury for a week. When the sun finally reappeared over Shelton Crossing, the Long Broad brimmed her banks, too swift and debris-laden to safely cross in the stoutest boat. Creeks had become torrents, trees that withstood centuries found no purchase for their roots in the slurried slopes and toppled into the mud. The town was awash. Sharon ran out of gin at the Hungry Dragon Cafe. Unbedded streams and absented bridges had prevented Amos, the trader, his latest re-supply trip.

Henry's books.



  1. oh boy oh boy oh boy..sure don't want to rush you, but - I CAN HARDLY WAIT!! smiley face.

    1. You'll have to wait a little while yet, Sharon. I've had to set aside The Winged Child to do the final edit for Early Dark. Like you, I'm anxious to see how the Child's story turns out, though. I'll get back on it soon as I can.

    2. oh that's right, i remember now. but that's important too and i'm anxious to read the story you wrote..or are writing..about Millicent McTeague!

    3. Oh, Sharon, in my brief career,
      the tale I'm hoping next to steer
      belongs to Millicent McTeer.

    4. oop..McTeer, not McTeague! i'm intrigued by her already.


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