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Excerpt from The Winged Child, chapter seven- 

     Millicent McTeer smiled to herself as she watched the man in her bed stir himself awake. She found it hard to believe four years had passed since she discovered him prowling in her garden, communing with her vegetables. The day after her twenty-eighth birthday, and her best present had come late and last.
     She recalled now her own surprise and his evident embarrassment at her accusatory tone when she asked, “May I help you?”
     “Remember me?” he answered, “They told me it was all right to wait for you here. I hope you don’t mind.”
     She hadn’t quite recognized either the face or the voice but together they ignited a memory. “Eric?” asking herself as much as him, “Eric Lee, is that you?”
     “All day long,” he said, laughing, relieved and glad for her welcome. “At that café in the village, I asked Sharon where to find you, and she told me you were away but would be back today and I should wait for you.”
     “Ah, yes,” Millicent said, “Sharon puts everybody in their place upon arrival. The Hungry Dragon is our unofficial immigration control office.”
     “I saw the sign. You don’t really have dragons around here, do you?”
     Millicent laughed, “It’s a long story. You’ll have to ask Sharon about that one. So, why aren’t you making mischief someplace with Simon Ryder? What brings you here?”


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