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Excerpt from The Winged Child, Chapter five-
     “We live in interesting times,” Ryder said, smiling across the table over their mujaddara and coffee. 
     “That’s an ancient Chinese curse,” said Millicent. 
     In the background, a televised voice was elucidating the current devolving situation: The state legislature this afternoon approved the Articles of Secession which governor Longstreet is expected to sign. In Washington, President Isadora Horne has vowed to send in federal forces in that event and arrest all participant parties on charges of treason. The President is scheduled to address the nation on this constitutional crisis at seven o’clock this evening. 
     “Strange, isn’t it?” Ryder said, “That most people don’t get interested in public affairs until things start to fall apart.”
     “Well, I’m interested now.” Millicent said sincerely.

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  1. i'm interested too - not just in public affairs, but in this novel!

    1. This one is being a lot of fun to write, Sharon. Every day is another surprise. About 40,000 words toward a first draft, I could glimpse the end, but I still don't know how I'll get there.


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