Rare and exotic...

Vesuvia Wildness is cultivating some splendiferous St. John's Wort down at Wildness Rare and Exotic Botanicals Emporium. She says she will have plants ready for transplanting in the fall. I mean to get some to home in the h├╝gelkultur glen.

You can read about Vesuvia and her botanic adventures in my upcoming novel, The Winged Child. Until then, you might check with Susan at The Gardener's Cottage on Nostalgia Court in Saluda NC.

Henry's books.


  1. I'd love to have some of those too..so exquisite and nice for tea! They remind me a lot of Mimosa blossoms.

    1. Also a good-for-you tea but an acquired taste.

    2. Yes, happily I acquired it a while back, though haven't had any in a while.


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