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Where do authors write? Anywhere they can. Those who must wait for the perfect time and perfect place to exercise their craft don't write very much. Ethan Riley leads off this series of posts featuring writers talking about the where and when and how of getting on with their work.

Right now I'm deployed overseas. So unfortunately, no real luxury on a perfect writing space. So I put up a few sheets to make the atmosphere a little more cozy. Right now, I carry a notebook in one of uniform pockets which has the next relevant plot point, the characters in that scene and the ideal word count I'd like to hit for that chapter.


  1. I like to write outside under a huge magnolia tree in a lawn chair with a big pillow on my lap and my computer on the pillow. I have to do this early mornings, since it gets so hot past eleven or so in Georgia. When I can't write outside, I have numerous other places where I write..the kitchen table, my studio (where I paint), or sometimes in my recliner. I am working on a book of short stories and a novel.

  2. Sharon, if I were to try that, my head would be on the pillow and my screen would be dark. Can't wait to read your tales. Can you send us a picture of that bodacious tree?

  3. My camera can't take a good photo of the top of the tree, but I took a few to give you an idea. Trouble is I can't figure out how to post the photos here. I tried just inserting them but when I did I lost the whole comment.

  4. Email them to me, Sharon, and I'll post them for you. If you want to write a bit about your magnolia we'll spread it abroad here.

    1. I sent some to you a few minutes ago, but without any comments about Grandfather Magnolia. You make me want to write something worthy of him though.


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