Cut and run...

Here's our first cutting of basil this year, in spite of the dry weather, enough to make a good run of pesto. It isn't too late in the season yet, to set out some more, but it will need to rain first. Basil loves hot weather, but also craves lots of water. My rain barrels are already getting pretty light. 

It's hard to believe that this time last year we'd just had roads and houses washed away around our mountains here. My barrels sat brimming and untapped most of the summer. You won't be reading this for about a week. By then, maybe we'll see a good shower and I'll have some more basil in the ground.

Update: Since I wrote this post, about a week ago, it has rained every day. The rain barrels are overflowing. The basil is suffering from wet feet. But we are promised some sunshine over the next few days. Weeding is in my future.

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