It is a mystery to me how I fell into such a comfortable and pleasant life. Call it by luck or by Grace, it certainly isn't due to my careful, informed and astute planning. I'm in better than reasonable health for an old man who has seen as many years and abuses (mostly self-abuses) as I have. I don't face any deep existential threats at the moment. There is always death, of course, the farthest point any of us can see in our future.

Most of us strive to be short-sighted on that account, but our dying is just a door to where we were before we came here. Sometimes we can almost remember. We were born on that threshold. We die a little every day in the process of our aliveness. Meanwhile, we live as deep as we can, live all we can.

Well, let us confess that in our daily practice, we don't live all we can. Joy comes up all around us like a weed. But we tend to overlook the flowers we didn't plant.

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