Three little girls...

We hadn't heard from our Three Little Girls in a while, wondered if they might have left us. But last night, I heard them singing in the Garden Room, which is still unfinished, though it is tight to the weather now, and we had the fireplace lit. Until now, we'd only heard them in the kitchen, which was the newest room in our old house. Apparently, they are drawn to fresh spaces.

We have no idea who the Three Little Girls are. They haven't told us their names. We only hear their singing and we've never caught a glimpse of them. We think they might be among the people in this photo we found in the house after we moved in. The oldest part of the structure was built in 1893, so they might have been here for a goodly spell.  We don't know if they sang to anyone else during that time.

A neighbor tells me that our town has a reputation as one of the most haunted hamlets in the Southern Appalachians. All the ghosts I've met or heard about here seem friendly enough.

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