Last night...

When that Last Night comes climbing
Out of the singing creeks and hollows,
Assaults the bare ridges, clutching at
The darkling sky, firing startled stars,
Let then, O God, I pray, your holy Dark
Not drown me cringing in my bed,
But bid her overtake me on some trail
Traversing high and nameless ground,
Send her upon me silent, wolfish,
As I step, then will I turn and smile,
Bless your constant dogging Shadow,
Reach out my arms and gather her
Close to still my heart and loose at last
My seeking soul to unmapped belonging.

Thanks to David Longely for the photo.


  1. Awesome - I wish the same for myself - can I use your words to petition the universe on my behalf ?

  2. My words are yours, Marianne - if you want them.


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