If you're just passing through, it may not look like much is happening around here, but our year is already underway. Out in the garden I'm digging in compostables. As wet and (relatively) warm as it's been, all will be ripe and ready by planting season. Next week, asparagus plants will be available for pre-order. Probably put in more Mary Washington this spring.

The mild weather has allowed us some fine winter greens. The Main Muse just got back from Thompson's Store with a big chunk of Parmesan cheese. She's busy making dandelion-green-and-pumpkin-seed pesto.  You won't laugh if you've ever had a chance to eat some. Sharp and peppery, not bland like your summertime pesto. Basil's for wimps.

A truck came by and dropped off lumber so Adam can proceed building our new studio space where our back porch has been. We are looking forward to sitting by the fire and watching the snow fall. That might make concentrating on work a challenge at times.

As for work, that is, writing, I'm working on a story about an old man and his developing rapport with his assigned home care specialist. I've written several stories lately inhabited by old men. It's a territory I'm becoming somewhat familiar with.

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