It is what it is...

When I submitted the Slick Rock Creek manuscript to my former publisher in the UK, she said it was "another rambling tale about mountain folk that only other mountain folk will buy." She wanted changes that would have made it entirely another story.

After a year, I found another publisher, one here in the U. S., and the book came out in a form I could recognize. Rosemary in Yorkshire may have been right. The novel hasn't sold fifty copies in the two months it has been loose  in the world.

Still, although I might wish it had been edited a little more closely, it is essentially the story I wanted to write, about a place as much as about people. Judging by the reviews I've seen, and the feedback I've received from readers, the few who have read it, liked it right well.

I'd rather please a few readers with what came from heart, than make a pile of money with a borrowed tale. I'd rather be a good and honest writer rather than a pandering and rich one. I'd rather write true and deep in obscurity than have the taste of shallow fame in my mouth every day.

Of course, if a lot of people did buy my book, I would be elated. That isn't likely to happen at this point, but I am still happy to have written it, and grateful for those of you who took time to read it.

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  1. Henry I am so glad that you did not compromise - I enjoyed this book so much. I know so many others would enjoy it also - maybe you need to tour? (-: First stop Islip Terrace, NY - I have a beautiful nature preserve behind my house where we could walk and talk in between book signings!

  2. Yes, Marianne, a tour. I've heard about authors who did book tours. I've told my publisher I'd be willing to take one on. A respite in your Islip Terrace preserve would have to be part of it.

    Bookistores won't generally invite an author to do a book-signing/reading unless they think there's money in it. It usually requires an initiative from the publisher, but who knows? Anything might happen.


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