This is the season in our town when the curious and the greedy go hunt for an easier place, and you can look around you and see who your friends are. The world becomes smaller, close and personal, and your attention turns to tending your home fire and the visitor at your door. Winter here encourages intention.

I mean to get more intentional about a lot of things in 2019, and personal relationships, virtual and otherwise, top my list. In terms of social media, that means I'll likely be spending more time on this blog and less on facebook and twitter. Here we can have more focused conversations,  closer to the work we do, closer to the world we're living in, closer to who we really are when we're not trying to be noticed.

If I don't see you here, I won't forget you, but I'll miss you. If you haven't already, start your own blog. I promise to come visit. Better yet, let's meet for lunch somewhere out in the real world.

Until then, talk to your neighbor next door. Hug your children. Make love. Take long walks with somebody who will hold your hand. Listen to what the wind tells you. Order your asparagus crowns. It'll be spring before you know it.

Henry's books.


  1. I am inspired! Just what I needed to read this morning (-:


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