...when a plan comes together.

I love it when a plan comes together - especially when it wasn't planned. For the past year, I've had this short story about Doreen Sharp and Simon Catherwood floating around, looking for a home in a magazine or journal somewhere. I like the story. My thinking has been that if it doesn't eventually land in print, I might tuck it into my next short story collection, should I live so long.

Rummaging through the endless-story files (They don't go on forever; I just haven't figured out how to end them), I came across a couple of fragments with hopeful beginnings and clueless middles about two characters bearing strong resemblance to Doreen and Simon. Looking at them side by side, I could see where they were all going and how they could fit together in a sort of mini-trilogy, and still fall within the upper limits of short story.

This little project might suffice to keep me occupied while I wait for Editor to fire her next volley over the Slick Rock Creek manuscript.


  1. Awesome - keep them coming. I wish I had a hundred more books of yours to read (-:

    1. Doing our best, Marianne, to have a new novel out there for you in time for Christmas.

    2. That would enhance the Christmas season dramatically (-:

    3. It would certainly enhance mine, Marianne - especially if a bunch of folk buy the book.


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