Some things told, some things new...

I've been reading Rosemary J. Kind's stuff for almost as long as I've been writing mine. As a reader and as a writer, I have a fondness for short stories. When Kind's new collection, Embers of the Day and other stories came out last week, I snagged my copy straightaway. Kind excels at putting ordinary characters into extraordinary situations, with sometimes magical consequences.


  1. Thanks Henry - I can read this while I await your latest book.

    Have a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.

  2. I think you'll enjoy it, Marianne. For five years, Rosemary was my Kind and Ruthless Editor at Alfie Dog Fiction.

    1. Received my copy of Embers of the Day - will be starting it this afternoon. Biding my time until Slick Rock Creek is out....


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