Only Then...

We merely think we know the path,
imagine that some mercy or some wrath
we might attain to muster on our own
will stay us when this flimsy world has flown;
In truth, we blunder blind and stumble
aimless as our burning cities crumble,
vast empires fail, their histories unread,
all virtues go extinct, all hopes lie dead,
and only then, when nothing is our all,
do we grow ears to hear our Shepherd call.


  1. Thank you, Henry. You have reflected my thoughts as of late of how we have ignored history and the warnings given us by the ancients, and we believe that we have come so far with our technology and our government that we would remain. Don't mean to sound so pessimistic or Orwellian here, but I'm finding this comes upon my writing no matter how much I try to ignore it. I'm in the beginning stages of my first attempt at a novel right now, and try as I might, I'm having a hard time steering it away from a dystopian theme. For someone who's self- educated, this novel is going to be a quite the challenge. Love the blog, friend.

    1. Good luck with your novel project, Josh. Maybe a neotopian theme? Is that a proper word?

  2. I believe it is. Some of the same themes and myths of old are surfacing again. Thanks Henry.


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