We open a book and begin reading. If the story is compelling, we follow the arc of the story from the first sentence to the last. Some stories impress us more than others, but any novel that ends well, we remember as a good book. We savor the last chapter maybe even after we've forgotten the first.

While we love the endings we read, we don't welcome the endings we live. Yet, any story without an end remains not quite a story. It is, at best, a work in progress, at worst, an unrealized aspiration. Having said this much, I'm still hoping and striving to add a few pages to mine before it's done.

Thanks to Jane Ella Matthews for the photo.


  1. Many, many more pages Henry. I have just met you (so to speak) and am hoping for decades more of daily posts, books, essays, short stories...please take excellent care of yourself!


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