Today's guest post is from Patrick Kelly, fiction editor and executive producer for Sunlit Story Time. Patrick lives in Austin. He likes to cook dinner with his wife, listen to any kind of good music, and take long walks in beautiful places. Patrick is the author of three Joe Robbins novels and a soon-to-be-completed historical fiction series.

In today’s vitriolic world, it matters not whether you’re on the right, the left, or wandering around in the middle, the sheer noise--and everyone’s refusal to listen to anyone else--is enough to make you scream and yank out your hair.

Need a break?

Come to SunLit Story Time, and our voice over actors will tell you 15-minute stories that make you feel great. Honest. Every week, we publish a new story from a different author. Our authors come from all over the world: Scotland, New Zealand, Trinidad, and many from the US. We even have an author that hails from Drovers Gap.

That’s right, folks. This coming Monday, we’ll publish Money in the Jar by Henry Mitchell. And the story is guaranteed to make you feel great.


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