Money in the Jar...

Today, on Sunlit Story Time, you can hear my short story, Money in the Jar. They have a new story every week, guaranteed to make you feel better about your day.


  1. Great story, Henry. It made my day to read the story and then listen to the audio. Really enjoy your writing, so keep it up and I'll keep reading 'em. Great characters, and you nailed the character of the Postmaster when he walked into the diner!

    1. Thanks, Josh. I'm glad you enjoyed it. If you have time to leave a comment on the Sunlit Story Time site, it will help their cause and mine. By the way, they pay well and are always looking for new authors. If you have a feel-great story of your own, you might send it to them.

  2. Thanks, Henry. I'll be sure to check into that. It's hard to find a place that promotes positivity, especially in publishers of fiction.


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