It may look like just a dirt pile to you, but from our house we see hügelkultur. We live on a steep hillside. In order to gain some level space for the deck and sauna we want to install next spring, I’ve been slowly but steadily digging earth from the hill out back and barrowing it down to the “wild corner” at the lower end of the property.

As we’ve reclaimed the yard around the house, I’ve been piling brush and trimmings down there and last year, our friend Ellen donated a couple of loads of natural materials cleared from her property. Gradually, all this organic detritus is getting buried beneath my relocated soil, and in due time, will decay into humus to nourish plantings.

By next spring, the project will be far enough along to begin setting out native azaleas and other indigenous plants. As Owl says, “in the end, nothing is lost though everything be changed.”


  1. Henry! You did it again! You have opened another part of my brain (-: I just looked up Hugelkultur and am very excited to try this on my property ! How can I have lived 57 years and so many cool things are still to be discovered?!? Thank you and Good Morning!

    1. Marianne, I first heard about hugelkultur via Will Hooker's on-line permaculture class from NCSU. Just wait 'til you hit 77- brand new world everyday!


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