At our house...

At our house, we tend to be long on stories and short on answers. Ask us a question and we'll likely tell you a story. We're not as excited about knowing the answer as we are about living the question. But is among our seldom-used words. And is one of our favorites.


  1. It's hard for me to give an answer without relating it in a story. Thanks Henry.

  2. Good Morning Henry Mitchell!

    A few weeks ago I was introduced to you by listening to a podcast from November of 2013 - All Who Wander, David Longley . I have since read three of your books and am down to the final hour of Laurel Falls (-: I loved the series so much and am reluctant to finish as I feel I will be leaving behind all of the awesome new people I have met. I do plan on going through all of them again as there was so much to learn about being the kind of person I'd like to be.

    I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your books and am now a die-hard fan of yours! You have opened up a whole new world to me and have also opened up a new piece of my soul do believe!

    Thank you - Marianne

    1. Marianne, I'm humbled to think my books might speak to you so deeply. A couple of the characters introduced in Laurel Falls will turn up again in my current novel project, Slick Rock Creek. The manuscript is making the rounds now, in hopes of finding a publisher here in the United States. I'm also working on a new book of short stories which should be ready before next summer. You might enjoy my first short story collection, Dark on the Mountain, which is still in print. Thanks for your encouraging words, and especially for reading my stuff.

    2. Henry,

      So glad that another book is in the works. I read Dark on the Mountain first before I started the series and I loved those stories also. I am inching my way through the final pages of Laurel Falls as I fear I will go through withdrawal pains upon finishing ! Reading the blog every morning will certainly help - it is the first thing I do each morning when I arrive at work - sets a good tone for the day. Thank you.



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