Nothing inclines me more to forgiveness than remembrance of all the souls who’ve forgiven me.
Nothing inclines me more to welcome than myriad experience of God’s radical hospitality.
Nothing inclines me more toward gentleness and kindness than the unsettling Grace that befalls me every ordinary day.
Nothing inclines me more toward gratitude than to find myself awash in the Great Thanksgiving celebrated unceasingly by friends and strangers, neighbors human and non-human.
We long for Heaven until the heart’s eyes are opened to see that we are there.
Let those who have ears to hear and eyes to see discover and affirm that Creation is not built on logic but on love, that most illogical of human aspirations.
One need only look at one’s own life for assurance that despite of all indications to the contrary, the current of the universe is drawing all races, not only the human, inexorably toward reconciliation and unity.


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