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The conversation continues Wednesday, August 1st, 2018.

Thanks to David Longley for the photo.


  1. Henry, I will miss your daily missives when I wake up each morning. Will I get these with Dover’s Gap?

  2. A quasi-raging debate here in the LOONacy is whether or not to reveal your presence in the Hundred Acre Wood and thereby force you to be flushed out of your arboreal hideaway and be exposed to the curious ilk residing here.... possibly these 'dragons' are but magical puffs of this loon's eccentricality.... by the way, Boo. our Briard, claims he is of fine Belgian drover dogkind.... half tall-tale, half lament we suspect.

    1. Oh, he's as scarce
      as he is quaint-
      You see him there
      and then he ain't.

      With Boo right there,
      Don't fear Macaire.


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